Dim Nofio / No Swimming

With the swimming pools closed to the public and clubs, here is my take on what you can do with the circumstance we’ve been given. Unless you’ve access to a private pool then land based training is all that will be available (most bath tubs are too small).

My take, is to use the inability to swim as an opportunity to work on either your cycling or running. Choosing which ever may be a weaker link, or beneficial in your long term development and if you are able to replace the swims with easy run or cycle sessions, which will help maintain your aerobic fitness. Next will be to keep the swimming muscles awake and active, all be it, without getting wet, so that when we do jump back in to the pool we are not starting completely from scratch. The options available to you will depend on what, if any, equipment you have available to you. We’ve all got body weight, some might have some dumbbells, kettle bells, resistance band or swim cords.

The simplest is a body weight circuit, where you do 30-60s of each exercise, you can have a rest period between exercises e.g. 30s work / 30s rest or move from exercise to exercise with out rest. After the last exercise, rest and if you wanted repeat 1 or more times. Prior to starting you need to warm up. Some arm swings, leg swings, and body rotations. Once you’ve got your heart rate up and body prepared then run through the circuit. It follows an upper body, legs then core pattern. If you want to extend or shorten the circuit go for it.

Body Weight Circuit

  1. Press ups (chest and triceps – catch, press and push)
  2. Mountains Climbers (Core, legs, shoulder Stability)
  3. Flutter kicks (core and legs – kick)
  4. Tricep dips (chair/step required. Triceps and shoulder stability – push)
  5. Burpees (Legs and core)
  6. Planks – all types of variations (core)
  7. Renegade row / shoulder taps (core and shoulder stability)
  8. Jumps – star, rocket, alternating lunge, frog and more (Legs and core)
  9. Dead Bugs
  10. Rest 1-3 minutes and repeat

Additions to the above to add or swap around:-

  • Pull Ups (Lats and chest -catch and press, this requires a pull up bar)
  • Squats, Lunges, Calf Raises, Romains Deadlifts, The list goes on…..
  • Add resistance with resistance bands, dumbells, kettle bells, botttles of water, tins etc etc…
  • Swim Cords – full stroke

There is no magic or secret formula. I recommend the above circuit or similar twice a week, but if you can only do it once, then something is better than nothing. Change it up if you need variety and make the exercise time longer or increase the number of rounds as you get fitter, to keep you progressing.