No Du, what shall I do?

With the Mumbles Duathlon postponed due to the Coroanavirus, a change in plan was needed. My original aim was to have an early season race as a focus, to go hand in glove with the training block, as part of my build up for The Wales Triathlon, middle distance (1.9km, 90km, 21.1km) event, scheduled for the middle of June. I had three options, first to replicate the duathlon, do something different, or do nothing. I choose to do something different.

With the event postponed with less than a week to go, I was needing to ease back on training, so I decided on a session that would give a bench mark of my fitness, but require less recovery time than the duathlon. So I decided on a brick session, with the bike on the turbo trainer, for minimal distractions and the run outdoors. The sessions looked like this:

  • 15min progressive warm up, with high cadence work and picks ups.
  • 15mins as 3 x (1min 105-110% FTP, 4mins 90-95% FTP)
  • 3mins easy ~ 50% FTP
  • 10mins as 2 x (1min 105-110% FTP, 4mins 90-95% FTP)
  • 2mins easy ~50% FTP
  • 5mins as 1min 105-110% FTP, 4mins 90-95% FTP
  • on to 5km run (3km out, 2km back)
  • 1km jog very easy cool down

The result was the biking is in a good place, running needs work. Which was no surprise given that I’ve prioritised cycling this winter and I’m just starting to shift the focus to running. Also still being at post Christmas weight (3-4kg heavy) is going to have a significant effect on my running speed.

Targeting 270w for the 1min UP and 240w for the downs with FTP ~255w.

For the 5km I ran 21:30 (4:18 per km), The route has 3 hills, 2 down hills and the rest is fairly flat.

So my take away is I am biking OK and my running needs attention. To address the running, I plan to add more volume at an easy intensity. To be fair, none of this is a surprise and with no swimming for the foreseeable future (thanks Covid-19), will see what I can do, although who knows when we will be racing next. With the uncertainty my aim is to train to my plan the best I can, until we know what’s going to happen for the rest of the season.

Take care and keep washing your hands.