Triathlon Training – End of Season Top 5



If you wish to move mountains tomorrow you must start lifting stones today

It’s that time of year again and the triathlon season is coming to an end, although every year  the racing season seems to be getting longer. Taking an end of year break is not a sign of weakness and whilst you will loose some fitness in the short term, it is the first step to improving for next year’s racing.

One to two weeks completely off from training followed by another one to two weeks of low key, unstructured training should do the trick, to refresh and recharge your body. Make sure you are enjoying being active, try doing some different sports or activities. Many athletes seem to be racing all year round, which is okay, as they enjoy racing. however it is not possible is to be at your best all year round.  At the end of each training or racing cycle you should have some R&R, followed by some reflection asking yourself what I call the BIG FOUR QUESTIONS:-


  1. What Went Well?
  2. Why Did it Go Well?
  3. Even Better If…
  4. How Do I Improve?


I find it helps to right the answers to the BIG FOUR down, which helps to formulate plan for the next year and key areas that need further researching or focusing on. I use the above after individual training sessions, blocks of training, races and any where that I trying to improve or understand better. As the wise words from Benjamin Franklin  go ‘ failing to prepare is preparing to fail’.

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In Summary

  1. Take some time off training and then be active doing some fun stuff.
  2. Reflect on the season , do your research and work out what is going to help you reach your next goals.
  3. Make a plan, include you goals, what is needed and how your going to do it.
  4. Execute the plan, knowing that you are more than likely to need to adapt it.
  5. Reevaluate so you you can evolve and improve the plan to meet your goals.